Physiotherapists who work in Independent Healthcare have specific issues and problems different from those of other occupational Groups, including private practitioners and managers working in the NHS, Trusts and PCT’s. The need was felt for a support group.

In 1988 a group of those Chartered Physiotherapists who wished to form an Occupational Group to represent those members of the profession set up a working party to explore the idea. Almost a year later the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Independent Hospitals was born. In 1990 the group was recognised by the C.S.P. and in late '98 the group expanded to include Charities and recently changed to recognise all aspects of Independent Healthcare.


The aims of the group which form part of the constitution are as follows:

  1.  To promote the highest standards of physiotherapy within the independent hospitals and charities.
  2. To promote and develop the exchange of ideas and inter-relationships between the members of the Association working in independent hospitals and charities.
  3. To act as an advisory body to which members can apply for help and advise in matters relevant to independent hospitals and charities.
  4. To encourage mutual co-operation between ACPIHC, Physio First, ACPOH, ACPM, NHS, Trusts and PCT’s
  5. To provide education in clinical and managerial skills where appropriate.
  6. To make known and promote the work of ACPIHC

Physiotherapists should adhere to the professional standards of practice as in the “Standards of Physiotherapy Practice” published by the C.S.P. in October 2000 (updated Nov 2004)

Guidelines to assist members working in Independent Hospitals were first published in 1993, and have been totally revised in 2001 following the publication of the “Standards of Physiotherapy Practice” by the C.S.P. and have been revised again in 2007 and are now available on iCSP.

Membership is open to all Chartered Physiotherapists, and Assistants (who are CSP Members) who work within an Independent Hospital or Charity on a regular monthly basis. There is no charge for membership and the funding of the association relies upon revenue from courses (e.g. Congress 1999 & 2003) and capitation fees from the Chartered Society.

Members are quite likely to be members of a second Occupational group if they are employed in more than one setting (e.g. Private Practice & Physio First).

We aim to post regular news and info on iCSP.  ACPIHC has its own network (Independent Healthcare) on InteractiveCSP making information exchange available at the touch of a button with e mail facilities also.  Within the group small networks are developing to network and exchange ideas within specific work areas under the umbrella of the ACPIHC Executive Committee – hospitals, schools & colleges, hospices, charities & the MOD etc. Please contact us if you would like more information.

May 2011


Research/education awards £500 sponsorship is available each year to assist funding of education and research. Please find related documents below and you can contact us for more details.