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Privy Council Complaint

20 March 2017 - 12:47pm




You may be aware that the CSP has received a complaint from the Privy Council regarding the misuse of use of title, ‘Chartered Physiotherapist’. The nature of the complaint is the addition of a speciality descriptor between the words ‘chartered’ and ‘physiotherapist’ by some CSP members.

The Privy Council have informed the CSP that this is misuse of title and must be stopped.


We have been asked  by the CSP  circulate the article below to members of your professional networks. Published in Frontline,  the article explains to members how and why they should be using the title ‘Chartered Physiotherapist’ correctly. Please note that the misuse is not reported to be from a particular speciality of CSP members.


A complaint from the Privy Council must be taken seriously and your support in this is much appreciated.


best wishes

Annie Karim



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